Contactless Energy & Data Transmission


Radial coupling system for temperature signals

Inductive energy and data transmssion systems can be found in many areas of our daily life. Classical is the electrical toothbrush, which will be used in nearly every bathroom. We, at MESA Systemtechnik, are concentrating on applications for measurement process technology, medical devices as well as for general machine building industry.
Due to incessantly reducing energy sources enterprises are forced to new methods gather oil or gas deposits. Also MESA INPUD-systems are helping in this fields. The advantages of MESA´s INPUD systems compared to conductive or tactile systems are:

  • highly operational availability, no mechanical wear

  • no loss of production due to repair work

  • integrated linearisation e.g. for Pt100/Pt1000/TC/strain gauges

  • axial or radial housing types or combiations of it

  • for 24/7 operation

  • works even in (salt-) water, oil, mud, cooling liquids or through glas, etc.

  • galvanically isolated

INPUD-A4 radial

Radial coupling system
interface for analog sensor

INPUD Product Features
INPUD Product Features
INPUD Standard
INPUD Standard
INPUD Custom
INPUD Custom

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