INPUD custom introduction

Contactless energy and data transmission systems are used in a variety of applications. One example is the electric tooth brush. Everybody is familiar with the energy supply of an electric tooth brush, which is only possible due to the inductive coupling between charging base and tooth brush. Applications are, however, often very specific so that standard solutions do not always provide the optimum from the technical and economic point of view.

Defining relevant parameters

For making a first evaluation of a new customized application, it is necessary to define the relevant parameters. Based on these parameters, the specialists of MESA Systemtechnik will suggest a possible solution, which is not yet binding. The variables are divided into mechanical and electrical parameters as well as into a primary and a secondary unit. The primary unit usually is the stationary or fixed part. The secondary unit is often rotating but sometimes it moves via a contactless connection or its movements are translatory.

Cylinder shape, axial
Ring to Ring shape, axial
Ring to Ring Segment shape, axial
Ring Segment to Ring shape, axial
Radial shape
Linear shape

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